About Us

About Aspiring Smiles Dental & Braces

We are a reliable and trusted dental clinic in the Summerlin area in Las Vegas, Nevada, offering complete and affordable dental care in a patient-friendly environment using cutting-edge technology. Under the supervision of Dr. Mohini Patel, a board-certified dentist in Las Vegas, we provide all dental care and orthodontist services.

Giving Back to The Community

We believe in the power of community. Through various initiatives, we actively give back, supporting those in need and strengthening the bonds that make our community thrive.

Mission Trips

Our compassion knows no borders. We embark on mission trips, providing vital therapy services to underserved communities both near and far, spreading hope and healing.

Affordable Services

Quality therapy should be accessible to all. We're proud to offer affordable services, ensuring that mental health and well-being are within reach for everyone.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our commitment to your well-being extends to the tools we use. We stay at the forefront of therapeutic technology, ensuring you receive the most effective and advanced treatments available.

Meet Our Team Of Highly Qualified Dentists

Dr. Mohini Patel DMD

Owner and Chief Dentist- Aspiring Smiles Dental and Braces

Dr. Patel is a General Dentist with an experience in varied dental procedures. She is an international dentist, also graduated from Southern Illinois University, USA. She has worked in multiple countries since 2014.

Dr. Patel believes, “smile is the everlasting beauty and sign of kindness”. She is passionate about giving back to the community. She has been on mission trips to Haiti and with her experience of working with people from different walks of life, you can expect to be welcomed and cared for. It is important for Dr. Patel to stay educated about the latest topics and developments in her field and therefore, she is an active member of Academy of General Dentistry, American Dental Academy and Nevada AGD.

Upon your visit with Dr. Patel, you can expect a tailored treatment plan with attention to the smallest details.